Our Fleet

Ballinroe International Horse Transport invest heavily in our fleet of horse transport vehicles to ensure their high standards of reliability and efficiency.

Ballinroe International Horse Transport's fleet is comprised of modern Mercedes and Renault trucks that are updated annually and which are built to the highest specification - with the safety and comfort of your horse in mind at all times.

All of our trucks are fitted with:

  • Advanced air suspension systems for a smoother ride and to ensure the maximum comfort for horses in transit.
  • Air suspension also makes loading and unloading  much easier as the height of the truck can be lowered making the ramps very low to the ground and more inviting for your horse to load.
  • Non slip rubber floors and ramps.
  • Rear and side loading ramps.
  • Adjustable stalls and Partitions
  • cctv cameras on board all trucks.
  • Fans and temprature gagues on board all trucks so we can adjust the temprature in transit.
  • Experienced drivers and grooms.

Ballinroe International Horse Transport provide horseboxes that carry from 2 horse to 11 horses.


All our horseboxes are powerwashed and disinfected after every journey to ensure the highest standard of hygiene maintained at all times.

Our Reputation

Ballinroe International Horse Transport is a professional horse transportation company based in Tipperary, Ireland. Ballinroe provides transport services for many of the leading stables and stud farms in Ireland and the UK.

Ballinroe is highly regarded in the industry and has developed a reputation for reliabilty, quality of service and efficiency. 

Ballinroe places the highest emphasis on the health, safety, comfort and security of all the horses transported. All staff including the drivers are highly skilled in handling horses and the care of each horse is always the first priority.


Ballinroe is located in Tipperary, Ireland. This central location places it at the heart of many of the world leading stables and stud farms. The strategic location of Ballinroe's fleet and stable facilities enable transport to both Dublin and Rosslare ports within two hours.

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